Deciding On Preventative Care For Your Pets

PREVENTATIVE CARE PETSSometimes going to the vet with your pet can feel more like visiting a car dealership. All you want to do is get little Fluffy’s paw checked out after your dog stepped on a splinter this morning, but while you’re there, you’re being confronted with a list of preventative care options available. “Do you want this shot? Does your puppy need this vaccination? Would you like for me to trim his claws to prevent in-growns?” It can be a little overwhelming, and is all of that preventative care necessary anyway? Like deciding on vaccines for your pets, everyone may have a different opinion, but we can give you some guidelines to help you decide for yourself. 

Find a Vet You Trust 

First and foremost, don’t go to a random vet that you’ve never heard of and follow them blindly down a path of preventative care must haves. Ideally, find the right vet who comes highly recommended by a friend for his or her honesty and treatment plans. There are vets out there who will have a dialogue with you about why certain preventative treatments and vaccines are absolutely necessary, or may not be depending on your situation. 

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Ask Your Vet Questions        

Once you find that vet, don’t be afraid to ask your vet a lots of questions. “Does my cat need this shot even though she rarely goes outside and never encounters other cats”? Like doctors, many veterinarians will treat based on an assumption, knowing that their assumption is the safest one. But if you’re strapped for cash, that expensive treatment is likely skippable, but you’ll never know unless you ask. 

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Know that Preventative Care For Pets Will Only Help  

View preventative care like this: Most of the time it helps, but it does completely prevent. 

Look at your budget and do your research to find a vet you trust and to know which questions to ask as well as which shots, vaccinations and preventative maintenance is absolutely required in your book, and don’t let unsolicited suggestions by your vet go unquestioned. Do all of these things, and no matter what you decide, you’ll know that you made the right call.

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