Tailio Turns Your Cat’s Litter Box Into A Health Monitor

Cats are extremely independent animals. Because of this, it’s often hard to catch when you’re kitten is sick or is going through changes in health. A new gadget by Pet Wireless will not only monitor your cat’s health, but also alert you when something as simple as a litter box change needs to take place.

Tailio is a device that sits under any cat litter box. With it’s special technology, it’s able to keep track of your pet’s weight, amount of waste, frequency of using the litter box and much more. It’s actually quite fascinating because cats, out of all domesticated animals, have a tendency to be obese and are prone to urinary tract infections. If you’r not home all day, you could miss the symptoms that indicate your cat is sick.

Tailio has been created by Alex Treiner, who suddenly lost his cat to cancer. “When my family suddenly lost our beloved Persik to cancer, I thought ‘If we had only known, we would’ve done something more or sooner.’ That’s why we created Tailio. Now it will be easier for pet families to give cats the care they need to be as healthy and happy as possible,” Treiner said.

There is currently a Kickstarter campaign to get Tailio to the masses. The amount raised as of today is $70,747. Watch the video below to learn more about Tailio.


Would you buy Tailio for your cat?


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