Protecting Your Pets From Heat Stroke

preventing heat stroke dogsIt is officially the time of year when heat becomes not only annoying and excessive, but also downright dangerous to animals and humans alike. Pets specifically often get the short end of the stick in the summer time and don’t get adequate care that they need to stay cool and hydrated, and results can be deadly. There are several pre-cautions you should take to prevent heat stroke for your furry friend.

Provide Shelter or Shade

If your pet is only an outdoor animal, consider building or purchasing a shelter for them where they can come in out of the sun to cool off. Direct sunlight throughout the day can be taxing on all living creatures, but extra consideration should be given to our furry family members who aren’t able to get away from it in an air conditioned space. Even if it’s just in an old shed, clear out an adequate space for your animal to lay down in at any given time.

Provide Plenty of Water

Animals need plenty of water whether it’s hot or not, but in the summertime they really can’t get enough. To help them with their intake, place multiple bowls full of water around areas they frequent so that it’s readily available to them at all times. Check throughout the day to be sure each bowl has an adequate amount in it, and change the water daily to keep it fresh. If you have multiple pets, monitor their consumption to regulate their intake and make sure that each animal is getting enough water, and that one is not hogging it all. If this is the case, separate them periodically throughout the day to make sure that each one is getting just what they need.

Groom Regularly

Many animals need to be shaved or trimmed regularly, but a lot of owners only see this is a cosmetic preference and don’t adhere to a recommended grooming guideline the way that they should. It’s important to note that thick, weighted fur adds significant heat for animals, and that trimming their coat on a regular basis will provide them significant relief from heat.

Be Proactive

Different pets will have different habits and tendencies, depending on the animal and breed. For example, many cats don’t drink water from a dish as often as they should. The reason? Wild and exotic cats get most of their water from their prey, and rarely need to lap from fresh water. Your domesticated house cat doesn’t have the option (or ability) to kill and eat an antelope, but has the same instincts. Recognizing this, you may want to go out of your way to make sure that your cat has options that appeal – like drinking from running water, which many cats enjoy as opposed to water in a bowl. Do your research to see if the breed of animal you have has any challenges or struggles when it comes to staying hydrated, and strive to address those before the heat of summer rolls around.

Being proactive, grooming regularly, providing shade and keeping them hydrated are all great ways to prevent your beloved pet from overheating in the summer.

Do you have any tips for preventing heat stroke?


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