Breed Spotlight: Poodle Mixes!

Here’s a little fun fact: The popularity of poodle mix dogs… or the breeding of a poodle and another breed … has increased over the past 10 years. These are all of the “oodle” mixes that you hear about like Labradoodle, Shnoodle and even Goldendoodle.

If you’re in the market for a good crossbred dog, let’s take a look at some poodle mixes to see if we can find one that fits you and your family best.

What to Look For

In order to get the temperament and health benefits of a poodle mix, you will want to look for what is called a first generation dog.  This means that one parent is a poodle and the other parent is another breed.  This will give you the best temperament and health.

It’s the multi-generation dogs, for instance a Labradoodle breeding with another Labradoodle, that start to see a degradation in poodle mix benefits.


Unless you decide to adopt an adult poodle mix from a rescue group, you’re going to want to look for a reputable breeder.  Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find someone responsible and don’t be shy about asking for references.

If you go to a breeder, asked so see all applicable health certifications.  These will include eyes, hips, knees and sometimes elbows.  If the breeder puts you off in any way, find someone else.  Responsible breeders will be happy to show you the certifications on the parents as well as those on the puppies.


If you’re interested in a particular size of dog, poodle mixes may fit this bill perfectly.  In many cases, you can get a small dog weighing up to about 15 pounds, a medium sized dog anywhere from about 20 to 45 pounds or a large dog from 45 pounds too over 100 pounds.


Many of the poodle mixes have variations in their coat structure.  Some are tightly curled like a poodle, others are have loose curls, and some are just plain shaggy. You will want to keep their coats brushed to avoid matting and make sure to have them groomed every 4-6 weeks.

Some poodle mixes, especially those with light colored fur, have a tendency toward tear stains under their eyes which must be wiped daily.  Also, some dogs with floppy ears need to have their ears cleaned regularly because they don’t get the benefit of air circulation.

Early Socialization

No matter what type of poodle mix you decide on, start her training in socialization as early as possible.  You can even do this with an adult dog.  You will want to use a clicker and treats to get the behavior that are looking for. Getting her into a puppy class is also a great idea.  She will learn socialization skills with other puppies as well as the beginning of training.

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