Pit Bull Who Is Scared Of Doorways Is Adorable

This is Queso. He might look like a big, bad dog but in reality, Queso the pit bull is terrified of everything.

According to this hilarious YouTube video, Queso is particularly afraid of doorways, so instead of running through them like the other pup in the house. He approaches it in a unique way: going through them backwards.

That’s right, Queso flips his body around and walks backwards when he is entering a room. While some of you might think this is silly, we see it as brave. Queso isn’t letting his fears take over his life, and neither should you. By the way, Queso is also scared of the kitchen floor and printers.

We’re feeling inspired by this video — if Queso can face his fears, there’s no reason why we can’t! Go, Queso! Watch the video below!

What do you think of Queso the pit bull?


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