SO SAD: Owner Says Delta Air Lines Lost His Dog

And now for a truly heartbreaking story.

A Tampa dog owner is claiming that Delta Air Lines lost his pet at LAX.

According to CBS2, Frank Romano was on his way home, when he was told by a fly attendant that his 6-year-old pit bull chewed through the kennel, and that Romano just needed to identify the pup. Romano was then told that the staff could not find the dog. This still remains the case. “It’s been very depressing. Very upsetting. I’ve been crying. I’ve been angry,” Romano told CBS2 via video chat.

Delta issued a statement saying that there was no foul play. “Early indications show that procedures were followed, and the dog may have compromised the kennel on its own. Delta regrets this occurred while this pet was entrusted in our care.”

TODAY is reporting that the airline sent Romano photos of the kennel, but he is still skeptical about his dog biting through it. “To me honestly, it looks like it was broken from the outside,” Romano said. “Like the metal door was off the hinges and everything. It doesn’t look like a dog bit through that.”

Delta has since given him a $200 credit for his pain and suffering, but clearly, that’s just insulting. “I just want my dog back safe and sound,” Romano said. “He’s my best friend. I just want to see him again.”

If you’re planning on traveling with your pup this season, be sure to read our tips on how to fly safely with a dog.

Do you think Delta Air Lines is in the wrong?


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