SHOP: Great Orthopedic Beds For Senior Cats

Do you have a cat who’s older than seven years old? If so, she has joined the ranks of senior citizens. As she gets older, you may find that she’s moving slower and jumps she may have done with agility and grace are becoming more difficult.

What do you do?  Provide a good, orthopedic bed that alleviates any pressure points and gives her superb comfort. You can also find an orthopedic bed outfitted with a source for heat, which gives arthritic cats more comfort and increases circulation.

We all know how much cats love to be enclosed.  Some cat beds have a hood-like covering for security and privacy. Another thing you’ll want to look for, is a bed that is chemical free and has a dense interior.  The better the quality of the bed, the more time your cat will spend on it.

Here are our picks for great orthopedic cat beds.

Thermo-Kitty Heated Bed

K&H puts out a heated cat bed in the shape of a nest and it’s offered on Amazon for $37.49.

This bed uses a thermostat unit to raise the temperature approximately 15° above the ambient air temperature. It has a removable, washable cover and a one year limited warranty.

This manufacturer also puts out a hooded version and is also available on Amazon.

Memory Foam

This material is the Mercedes Benz of cat beds. Just like a human Tempurpedic bed, a memory foam cat bed will conform to your cat’s body and eliminate pressure points.

K&H makes a memory sleeper for cats with a removable and washable cover that has a plush top.  User reviews on Amazon say that it stays soft and velvety even after many washings.

Things to Watch Out For

If your cat is arthritic and has difficulty moving, you may want to avoid beds that have very tall sides and deep padding because it could make it more difficult for her to get in or out.

If you decide not to get a heated cat bed, consider folding up a fleece throw and putting it on the bottom of the bed.  She will want to snuggle down and burrow in that fleece which is also washable.

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