Must-Know Canine Summer Safety Tips

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Summer is almost over but its never too late for a Summer Safety Tips Refresher.  Being outside in the summertime is tons of fun for everyone, even your best furry friend. But, just like humans, dogs can suffer from hot weather maladies Here are some canine summer safety tips to keep in mind.  Preventing your dog from over heating.

Keep Her Cool

This should never have to be said but it happens way too often: You’re out for a day of errands and your dog is along for the fun. You’re just running into a store quickly and have left windows cracked open.This is a recipe for disaster. It doesn’t matter how long you’ll be in a store. Never leave your pet in a car even with the windows cracked open. Your dog could suffer from heat stroke quickly.


Always keep plenty of cool water available for both of you. Learn More – How to keep Your Dog Cool This Summer


Yup, we use it liberally and so should your dog especially if he has bare skin on his tummy. Make sure to only use a product made especially for your pet like Epi-Pet Sun Protector Sunscreen. Dogs with pink noses may need sunscreen too.

Pad Burns

You know what it feels like to walk on hot pavement or asphalt barefoot. Same for your pup. Make sure there is cool grass nearby or go during a time of day when the walkways have cooled down.

Be Current

If you and your dog are enjoying the water at the beach or on a river, be aware of currents. It’s easy to get swept up and out to sea or down a river when fetching a ball.

Swimmer’s Ear

Did you know your dog can develop swimmer’s ear just like you can? A solution that has a drying agent in it can be used in her ears to prevent this painful malady.


No matter how pitiful a look he gives you, be smart and don’t give your dog food that has been grilled over charcoal. Also, don’t let him chew on a corn cob because pieces can lodge in his intestines.

You can have a safe and happy summer together by keeping these tips in mind!

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