Tips For Finding A Lost Cat

how to find lost catThere is nothing more heartbreaking than looking for your cat and not being able to find her. You look in all of her favorite places and even ones she doesn’t always frequent. If your cat is also an outdoor feline, you will have checked every nook and cranny in your yard as well as your neighborhood. To make things easier, we put together this blog post to give you some tips about how to find your lost cat and bring her home safely to you.  Read More…

Homing Device For Pets

No, this doesn’t mean that you put a GPS chip in your cat. Cats naturally have a homing device and have even been known to travel hundreds of miles to go back to the place they were familiar with. The danger is when a cat is scared and doesn’t trust his inner compass enough to get your cat home safely.

Tips For Finding A Lost Cat

No time to waste: As soon as you realize your cat is missing, the best thing you can do is grab your cell phone complete with pictures of your furry best friend, a flashlight and her favorite treats. Try not to panic… even though that’s really hard to do. Think like a cat. If you were out and about where would you like to go? Start looking around your house and your neighbors’ homes and let your neighbors know that your cat is missing.

Alms: After you get home from searching for her, make sure to leave food and water outside on your front stoop. If you have a baby monitor, think about leaving one in a bush near the food and water so you might hear her meow. If your cat is afraid, she may choose night time to come out and get something to eat.

Flyers: Make some missing cat flyers and make sure to put them up all over the neighborhood and in local businesses. Print the words “lost cat” visibly enough for passing motorist. If you can make copies of your flyer on bright colored paper that is the optimum. Never put your name, address or reward amount on a flyer — just your phone and e-mail address.

Visit: Go to all of your local shelters and take fliers to them as well as to the local veterinarians’ offices.

Moved: If you’ve recently moved from one neighborhood to another, try going back your old neighborhood to see if she’s there.

A missing cat can be heartbreaking but try to stay calm and do the best you can to find her. Keep persisting in your search because it could be days, weeks or even months before she returns. Update your flyer with the words “still missing” at the top if your cat has been gone for a while. With luck, she’ll be back before you know it.

How you found a lost cat before? How did you get in touch with owners? For more on feline safety, click the links below!

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