Kitten Therapy Could Change Your Life

If you’re someone who tends to get stresses easily, or has just come across a rough day, then you need kitten therapy.

What is kitten therapy you ask? Well, basically it’s this magical time, where you sit in a box, with nothing but a bunch of adorable kittens and toys so you can play with them. The idea comes from the folks at Purina and Soul Pancake, who set up shop by the Los Angeles Courthouse and found some really tightly wound people who needed a break. Basically when the people got into the box and were greeted with kittens, nothing but smiles, joy and care-free looks appeared on their faces. “You can’t be stressed after sitting in a box full of kittens,” one the guys said. And well, we DEFINITELY believe him.

Soul Pancake was founded by Rainn Wilson (yes, Dwight from The Office), and focuses on things like spirituality, creativity, religion, arts, and now kittens. Don’t fret if you couldn’t make it to this therapy session. You can virtually receive kitten therapy by watching the video below!

Are you going to give kitten therapy a chance?


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