Keeping Your Cat Calm At Night

It is true that cats sleep for long hours uninterrupted, but when they are not sleeping, they can be quite active. Unfortunately, those periods of activity usually happen during the night. They may attempt to wake you the moment you go to bed, which means that they want to eat, play, or just enjoy your company. Small cats, especially those under one, can drive you crazy from sleep deprivation.

cat at night calm

The good news, however, is that you can train your cat to keep calm at night and let you have a good night’s sleep. Here’s how to do it.

Firstly, rule out medical conditions:

If your cat wanders restlessly around the house at night crying or meowing, there are chances that he may be suffering from a medical problem that leads to discomfort or pain. Do not ignore this, first visit your vet and have her evaluated for any underlying disorder.

Schedule interactive play sessions in the evening:

Cats love to play and you cannot deny them what they want. If you want to have a peaceful night, schedule some interactive play sessions mostly during the evening. Get some toys that mimic movement of birds or mice, such as those that wiggle and dangle. Keep playing until the cat seems tired.

Feed the cat before bedtime:

Cats are known to sleep after they have had a big meal. Use this to your advantage and feed them just before you go to bed. If your cat keeps on waking you up at night for food, then purchase a timed feeder, dispensing food at night. In case you choose to go with this option ensure that you reduce the food sizes to keep your cat healthy.

Have more enrichment activities during the day:

The more you keep your cat active during the daylight hours, the more likely they will sleep at night. Incorporate a number of enrichment activities, such as giving them objects to explore and providing many toys.

Consider adding another cat to your family:

Sometimes you may realize that your cat seems social, especially when in the presence of other cats. In such a case, do not hesitate bringing in another cat to your family. If all goes well, they will probably play together and leave you to sleep at night.

Get a comfortable sleeping area for them:

Just like humans, cats too cannot sleep well if their bed isn’t comfortable enough. If you want them to keep calm at night, then get a good sleeping area for them. If they keep on nipping at your toes or swatting at your eyelids as you sleep, you can also choose to lock them out of your bedroom.

When the cat seems stubborn at night, some owners choose to discipline them only to realize that problem escalates further. Disciplining will not succeed. In fact, it may lead to more anxiousness and stress to your cat, making them develop more unwanted behavior. Consider these tips and get your god night’s sleep back just like the old days.

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