Fire Safety Tips Every Pet Owner Should Know

As much as we all hate to think about it, fires happen and pets can get left behind in the frantic search for loved ones. Here are some fire safety tips to help you formulate a plan that includes all of your pets in case of a fire.

Fire Safety Tips for Pets

Planning and Practicing

This tip is important for four and two leggers. Having not only a safety plan but practicing it is the key to escaping a fire.

Try these 6 tips to be prepared:

  • Know where your pets like to hide out. This may be the first place they run to when they’re scared.
  • Have collapsible crates in your car. Having a crate handy will help keep your pet calm.
  • Designate which family member will be responsible for helping a specific pet get to safety.
  • Pet alert stickers or window cling: Make sure to place these on all entrance doors to alert firefighters to the number and type of pets in your house. If you have a solid front door, place the sticker or cling in the front window where it can be seen easily by first responders.
  • Ask a friend or family member if they can be an emergency foster home for your pets in case you need to go to a shelter where pets aren’t permitted.
  • Run through your emergency escape plan until you and your family know it by heart.

Pet Fire Prevention

This may sound odd, but it is possible for a curious pet to start a house fire. Here are things you can do to fire proof your home so your pet doesn’t accidentally cause a fire.

Nothing But Flameless: Candles are wonderful, especially around the holidays, but an open flame candle is an invitation to a fire. Use flameless candles instead because they use low wattage bulbs rather than flames.

Flame Out: Before leaving your home, make sure any lit candles and the fireplace are extinguished.

Close to the Front: If a fire breaks out when you’re not home but your pet is … this is the heart attack waiting to happen for any loving pet parent … keep him or her confined to the front of the house and hang leashes and harnesses near the front door in case firefighters need to corral your pet.

Youngsters: When gone from home, put your young dog or cat either in a crate or behind a gate and away from any possible methods of starting a fire.

These tips will give you peace of mind and ensure that, if there’s a fire, everyone from humans to pets will get out safely.

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What are some fire safety tips that you practice?



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