Pet Safety Tips For Halloween

It’s that time of year again, where we’re dressing up, eating candy and going all out with decorations. But before you start your festivities, it’s important to make sure you’re ensuring pet safety for Halloween. We agree that our four legged friends should get involved with the the rest of the family’s celebrations, but always be cautious. That’s why we’ve rounded up a few Halloween pet safety tips so everyone can really enjoy All Hallows’ Eve.

halloween pet safety tips

1) Dressing up your pet in a costume can be a lot of fun, but before you decide to put one on your pup or kitten, make sure they actually want to wear it. If they are struggling at all, it’s best to just forgo the idea. Remember, you want them to be comfortable and enjoy themselves. You should also make sure if your pet is as happy as a clam in an outfit, that it doesn’t have small pieces that can be swallowed and that it doesn’t constrict your animal’s breath, sight or sound.

2) Pumpkins are obviously a must-have for Halloween. However, if you have an animal running around the house, be sure to place your Jack-o’-Lantern in a high, safe spot so it doesn’t get eaten. This is also important if you’re using a real candle to light the pumpkin. Your best bet would be to use anĀ battery operated candle.

3) Handing out candy this year? Make sure you keep it out of reach. Chocolate can be very dangerous to both cats and dogs. If your pet does ingest chocolate, make sure you call your vet or theĀ the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435, right away.

4) To piggyback off of this sentiment, if you can, try sitting on your stoop or porch while giving out candy. This way your animal won’t have to be stressed out with the constant ringing of the bell.

5) Do NOT under ANY circumstance leave your pet alone in the yard or tied up somewhere while you’re out. You put them at risk of being stolen or hurt by “pranksters.”

6) If you own a black cat, keep track of him/her days before and after Halloween, especially if he/she is known to wonder outside. As always, make sure your all of your pets have proper ID tags.

7) We love decorations, and there’s no harm in hanging them as long as they are out of reach from your animal and are unplugged when you’re not home.

What are some Halloween pet safety tips that you follow?




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