Do White Rats Make Good Pets?

Do White Rats Make Good Pets

Do white rats make good pets? Believe it or not, they’ve been compared to cats and dogs in terms of companionship.

White rats enjoy and benefit from frequent handling and attention from their owners. Rats are intelligent creatures that are able to be taught tricks and make a good pet for adults and children of all ages. Unlike the stereotype of disease ridden sewer creatures, rats are in fact very loving and intelligent animals.

Training White Rats

The intelligence of a white rat is similar to that of a dog. They are able to be taught tricks in the same manner. With repetition, reward, and a little practice a rat is easily trained. Just like the rats seen in movies in laboratories, these creatures have the cognitive ability to figure out mazes and puzzles. Rats are able to be taught how to jump through hoops and other simple tricks by voice command. Repetition and rewards are the most important part of training a rat. Rats do not respond to punishment.

White Rat Habitats

White rats are a social creature. They prefer to be kept in a habitat with companions. In fact some breeders will not permit single adoptions without proof of companionship at home. You should keep multiple rats of the same sex because females will go into heat about every three weeks. Although rats can be spayed and neutered, it is easier just to keep the sexes separate.
A rat’s habitat should be a large cage with solid flooring. Mesh or wire floors will hurt your rat’s feet. The bars should be less than ½ inch and coated so that the urine does not erode the bars. A rat’s habitat should have lots of room. Rats are very curious creatures. There should be different toys and objects in their habitat to keep them occupied. It is recommended to frequently change the toys in your rat’s habitat so that they do not get bored. They enjoy being let out of their habitats to explore their homes.

Nutrition For White Rats

Commercial rat food is available at most pet supply stores. A nutritious food will contain more than seeds, nuts, and corn. Rats enjoy a wide variety of foods and will benefit nutritionally from fresh food supplements in addition to their daily fare. In fact, you should have both fresh and processed food readily available for your pet at all times. Rats will not overeat so there is no danger of them gorging themselves. They enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables along with bread and yogurts.


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