LOL: The Top 10 Wackiest Dog Names

When you meet your new pup for the first time, it’s much like meeting your baby for the first time. There are so many things that run through your head in regards to food, shelter and medicine. However, before you can decide on any of that, you need to run through a list of names that will perfectly match your new best friend. Sure, you can go with classics like Rover, Spot and Lucky. But if you’re really trying to come up with a name that’s unique and one-of-a-kind, the folks at Veterinary Pet Insurance have found the wackiest and most unusual dog names from the company’s database of insured pets.

wacky unusual dog names

We’re sure you’re going to get inspired by this list to think outside of the box.

Wackiest Dog Names:

Peanut Wigglebutt — An undersized dachshund who is also a kleptomaniac.

Sir Hog Knucklehead — A bulldog from New York whose name was inspired by a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Sasha Biggiepotamus Fierce — An English bulldog who is actually not fierce at all. She’s rather very, very sweet.

Otto Von Longdog — A dachshund who is staying true to his German heritage.

Zippity Do Dawg — A Queensland heeler who has no choice but to be a Disney fan.

Airbubble McMuffin — A mix pup whose name constantly puts a smile on people’s faces.

Hamburger Patty — An English bulldog, who will answer to her full name, or simply “Patty.”

Angus T Brackencrack — This Newfoundland’s name came from a funny family story.

Mister Buddy Pickles — Can’t decide between two common names? Put ’em together!

Waffle Dots — A goldendoodle with very funny parents!

If you’re thinking how could people do this to their pets, just think about all of those celebrities who have named their children Apple, Pilot Inspektor and Camera.

Head over to Veterinary Pet Insurance to see the full list of wacky dog names, and be sure to also check out the wackiest cat names!

Are these wackiest dog names you’ve ever heard?



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