blind dog training

Helping Your Newly Blind Dog Adjust

It's terribly sad, but not at all uncommon to have an elderly dog lose his vision as he ages. More often than not, this is a gradual process that can be identified early on....
keeping cats off the table

Keeping Cats Off Your Tables And Countertops

Anybody whose ever had cats knows that they have strategic little minds of their own. They're conveniently independent when you want and need them to be, but they also remain annoyingly independent when you'd...
Therapy Cat

Train Your Cat To Be A Therapy Cat

We’ve all heard about therapy dogs working in hospitals and nursing homes, but did you know that you can train your cat to do the same job a dog does in those facilities? You can...
stop dog jumping

Teach Your Puppy To Stop Jumping Up On Everyone

You’ve just brought home your new puppy and you are starting to get her used to your home. She's so adorable and wants to jump up and give you a hug seemingly every moment. The...
cat harness train

Training Tip: Getting Your Cat to Wear a Harness

Does walking a cat on a leash seem odd to you? It might, but having your cat take a stroll outside in a supervised way is a great outlet for them. Walking your pet with...


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