Keep The Fur From Flying When You Bring Home A New Cat

introducing catsBringing home a new cat is in many ways likely to cause some tension for your other cat. So how should you go about bringing her in and keeping the fur from flying? Here are a few tips to help you through introducing cats.


The key here is to choose a cat whose temperament will compliment that of the older cat. For instance, if you already have a male cat, then, a female is bound to get a warmer welcome than a new male. At the same time, you need to be careful when introducing cats whose traits are too different, such as a timid and an alpha cat.


Generally, there are three main ways through which you can make this happen. One, when giving the new cat a tour of the house, you can let her sniff on the other’s bedding. You may also swap their bedding so as to let them get acquainted with the other’s scent. The last option is to let them smell each other and communicate through a closed door.


Once you have bought home a new cat, you need to give her enough time to be on their own/away from new people and the other cats. Then, as time goes by, you can start introducing your cat to the other members of the family (people and pets). If all goes well, she will be well received and a few weeks or months down the line, they will become a part of one big and happy family.


Since younger cats are more energetic and active than the older ones, it’s important that you bring in a cat whose age bracket is within that of the other cats. This is because if you introduce a kitten to a much older cat, the older cat may become stressed by all the noise. But, if they are of the same age, they can get along just fine.

5) GIVE THE CAT A TOUR OF HER/HIS NEW HOME: Instead of confining the new cat in one territory, take time to give her/him a tour of the surrounding. This should include visiting each part of the house as well as the compound. However, the tour should be done when the other pets are away from the rooms.

6) BE PATIENT: Just like humans, cats have very different personalities. So while it may only take a few weeks for some cats to fully assimilate, for others, it may take a couple of months. Thus, you shouldn’t rush them into becoming a part of the family as this may end up creating chaos, fights or even, cause the cat to run away.

7) OFFER REWARDS: Adopting a reward system goes a long way. For instance, rewarding your cats with special treats like toys whenever they make an effort to socialize and play together encourages them to work on their relationship. In no time, they will have become friends and will no longer need to be “bribed.”

Do you have any tips for introducing cats?

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