AMAZING: Rescued Cat Think He Is A Nurse

Meet Radamenes, a polish rescue cat who is changing the lives of every animal he meets.

According to Mashable, Radamenes lives at an animal shelter in Bydgoszcz, Poland. Although Radamenes himself was pretty sick with a respiratory infection when he came to the shelter, he has managed to become a cat nurse! What does a cat nurse do exactly? Well, Radamenes visits other sick animals, dogs and cats alike, and comforts them with hugs, kisses and some cuddles. It all sort of happened out of no where the (real) nurses at the shelter said. They also commented that Radamenes is now their mascot.

So the next time someone tells you animals don’t have feelings, show them the incredible photos below of Radamenes taking care of his patients!

cat nurse



What do you think of this cat nurse?


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