Organization Focus: Bark Avenue Foundation

We love spotlighting organizations that are doing their best to cut down on the abandoned animal populations in cities and towns through a grass roots movement involving everyone in the community.

This post highlights the Bark Avenue Foundation and what it’s doing to reduce litters through spay and neuter programs, how it’s getting abandoned pets into good homes for a second chance and it’s dedication to educating people.

bark avenue foundation california

Who They Are:

The Bark Avenue Foundation is a Southern California non-profit with offices in Los Angeles. Their mission is to help empower owners to reduce unwanted pet populations as well as help pets get reclaimed by owners.

Besides help with spaying and neutering, BAF also donates bedding and ID tags and leashes in addition to stepping in to help when emergencies arise and there is a need for food or medical care.

The goal at BAF is for every pet to have a home and put the shelters out of business by partnering with communities to help eradicate the abandoned pet population. They are committed to making sure every pet owner has the resources needed to care for their pets.

Savings Lives

One of BAF’s key programs is called “Fly Me Home” where they partner with areas in need of adoptable dogs and fly them up to no-kill shelters in states like Washington, Oregon and Idaho. This helps reduce the over population in Los Angeles shelters and gives areas in need a supply of adoptable dogs.

In short, it gives dogs who would have been euthanized a second chance for a forever home.

The Homeless

Humans aren’t the only ones who may find themselves on the streets of L.A. Their companion animals may also face the same fate and BAF steps in to help with medical care and food.

BAF also helps out with bathing and grooming through their Project Homeless Connect programs.

If you live in the Los Angeles area, contact BAF if you would like to volunteer time or resources to help in their fight to eliminate homeless and sheltered pets.

Are you familiar with the Bark Avenue foundation?


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