Why You Should Adopt an Older Pet

Adopt a Senior DogWhen we think about adopting a pet, often the first thing that comes to mind is adopting a puppy or a kitten. They’re so adorable and usually win over our hearts. But the pets who need us the most are the seniors, the ones who have ended up in shelters or foster care because of family circumstances.

Here are eight great reasons to adopt older pets a second chance at a forever home.


Senior dogs and cats know the 411. They understand when someone rescues them from a life behind bars in a shelter and are abundantly grateful.

No Need to Break In

A senior’s personality has already formed so you’ll be able to tell faster whether she will fit in with your family’s lifestyle or not. Fostering first is always a great option to try things out.

Old Pets/New Tricks

Their attention span is much longer than that of a pup or kitten and they can learn new tricks.

House Training is Done

The likelihood of a senior pet being house trained is far greater and all they may simply have to do, is get used to your schedule. Unless there is also a medical issue, senior pets should have fewer accidents in the house.


Because they are full grown, you won’t be guessing how big your dog or cat will grow.

Behavior Patterns

Senior pets are more likely to just enjoy being with you and won’t bore as easily as a pup or kitten. This also means that cats know what scratching posts are for and dogs know what their favorite chew toys are.


Senior pets have the hardest time finding homes because of the popularity of kittens and puppies. And some end up in shelters that will euthanize them after a particular period of time.

Reduced Fees

Many shelters offer reduced adoption fees for senior dogs and cats so that is also a great incentive.

Think about adopting an older pet the next time you are looking for a forever friend.

Photo Credit:  istockphoto.com

Would you adopt older pets?


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