Should You Get A Pet For The Holidays?

Whether or not adopting a pet for the holidays is a good idea, has long been the topic of discussion in households all over the country. But is it a good idea? For some families it probably will be but, for others, not so much.

Here are some thoughts to help guide you in figuring out whether a pet is a great idea.

Type of Pet

When having a discussion about getting a pet for Christmas, typically a kitten or puppy jumps into our minds.  They’re certainly the most common types of pets, however, you may also think about getting a hamster, a bird or some fish.

What to Consider

When you’re thinking about a puppy or a kitten for Christmas, it all comes down to care.  For a puppy, being able to go outside every couple of hours is critical.  That may be fine while kids are home on school vacations and parents are taking some time off from work, but the hard part comes when everybody goes back to their regular schedule.

What do you do if you have a young puppy who will need to be taken outside frequently?  That’s an important consideration in your decision-making process.

Kittens, on the other hand, are easier to deal with in terms of their needs.  For the most part … and this doesn’t mean every kitten is successful … they understand the concept of litter box.


If you and your family are on the fence about whether to adopt a kitten or a puppy, think about the possibility of fostering an older dog or cat to see if that animal would fit in well with your family routine.

Being a foster parent not only gives a surrendered animal another chance for a loving home, it helps teach your kids the responsibility of taking care of a pet.

Another Option

Another idea is to make the discussion and decision about a family pet as a Christmas present rather than the pet itself. As a family, you can do your research and decide whether to get a dog, a cat or another kind of animal.

There is no right answer about whether a pet as a gift is good or bad.  It all depends on your family dynamic and what responsibility you’re willing to take for a new addition to your family. It’s also important to note that many animals are returned to shelters after the holidays, as many cannot care for them.

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What do you think of adopting a pet during the holidays?



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