How Do I Stop Cat Hairballs?

stop cat hairballs

When it comes to cats, dealing with frequent hairballs is the nature of the beast. Cats are groomers, and unfortunately they swallow the majority of the fur that they lick, causing a healthy regurgitation every so often that clears their intestines of any blockage. Though hairballs are necessary, unavoidable and healthy for cats as long as they’re grooming, you can stop them if you can help your cat cease on constant or excessive licking.

Monitor Your Cats Grooming Habits

Knowing that cats are, by nature, groomers, you’ll understand that hairballs are going to occur naturally. However, many cats groom and lick as an outward sign that something else may be wrong, so take some time to observe and write down your cat’s grooming habits before you attempt to eliminate any excess in the behavior all together. If necessary, present your vet with this journal of grooming as he or she may detect a pattern of some other problem that you wouldn’t otherwise see.

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Is Hairballs A Sign On Anxiety In Cats

If you’re dealing with an excessive groomer (and therefore tons of hairballs), anxiety very well may be your kitty’s issue. Helping your cat deal with that anxiety will not only help their little mind, but also help with stopping hairballs. If you can determine the cause and remove it without interference requiring medication, do so. However, if your cat is, by nature, an anxious cat, consider medicated options as minimal as Composure Treats, which have soothing effects, and as strong as legitimate anxiety medication for animals.

Discipline Excessive Cat Grooming

You should give your cat some time to bounce back from any anxiety after you’ve helped them out, but beyond that, you can always curb excess grooming by calling out any grooming with a little cat loving discipline. Putting a few coins inside of a tin can and giving it a quick shake when your cat has been licking their fur for a longer than normal period of time will cause them to desist that behavior quickly.

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Should You Let Your Cat Eat Grass?

Cat’s can’t digest grass and usually end up throwing it back up, so as long as your grass isn’t covered in chemicals, let your cat out to chomp on it for a little while every now and then. Be prepared for a little vomit, but know that you’ve just helped your kitty to clear his intestines of any gunk in the process, saving you the headache of some unexpected hairballs later.

At the end of the day, there’s no way to completely stop cat hairballs, but you can help your cause by helping them to groom less.



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