Should I Place My Dog In A Kennel

Should I place my dog in a kennel

That is the question, isn’t it? Should I leave my dog at a kennel – AKA doggie day care – when I’m out of town?

Some pet parents say without hesitation that they would never, ever kennel their pet. Others are all for it.

So what makes kennels so controversial?

The Concerns of Dog Kennels

When you ask yourself, “Should I leave my dog at a kennel?”, these are probably the questions you’re actually considering:

  • How do you know it’s safe?
  • How often are the dogs played with or taken out?
  • Are they checked after hours?
  • How is the staff qualified to care for my pet?

For the nay-sayers, these uncertainties are enough to rule out the option of kenneling altogether.

There are also those who flatly refuse to kennel their pups because of the possibility of dog flu or other Rare Dog Diseases.

Many pet parents just aren’t willing to take the risks. And that’s 100% up to each individual dog owner.

But what about those who approve of using boarding kennels? What do they think?

The Pro’s For Dog Kennels

There are plenty of pet parents who never even stopped to consider, “Should I leave my dog at a kennel?”

It was a no brainer for them.

These owners view kennels as an opportunity for their pets to spend quality time socializing with other dogs.

And of course there are those kennels which are more like doggy spas – with individual rooms for pets, play pens, play yards, pools, and even massages.

Pro-kennel pet parents jump at the opportunity to send their pets on vacation, too. Especially in situations where they don’t have a house sitter, or where emergencies occur at home and last minute in-home dog care is not available.

It’s nice to know your buddy will be somewhere safe and cared for.

But that brings us back to the nay-sayers’ earlier concerns. Why don’t these pet parents share the same worries?

The Verdict On Dog Kennels

Well – while nothing is foolproof – there are methods of researching kennels to feel more confident in the safety and comfort they can provide your beloved animals.

There are questions to ask, and warning signs to look out for when looking for the right kennel for your pet.

Perhaps the most crucial thing to be certain of is whether or not the boarding kennel in question requires submission of vaccination records. That way you can be sure all boarded pets have their Bordetella Vaccination – for example – which guards against some strains of kennel cough.

Of course, some pet parents are still uncomfortable at the thought of leaving their animals anywhere unfamiliar overnight. Which is 100% okay. There are other options for pet care when you’re away such as pet sitting.

But in the case of an emergency – when these other options may not be available – it’s good to have a kennel in mind which adheres to these basic guidelines and provides the most reassuring situation for pets and pet parents alike.

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