Bow Wow How-To: An Outdoor Dog Kennel

Outdoor Dog Kennel

If you live in a rural location and have a bit of land, you may want to consider building an outdoor dog kennel rather than having her spend all day inside while you’re at work. But how do you do it and what materials do you need? That’s the subject of this post and we’ll give you some information to use when designing and constructing your dogs shelter.

Kennel Location

Just like in all real estate matters, it’s location, location, location. You’ll want to make sure you have a flat piece of land to build the dog house. Think about whether you want to be able to use power or water from your house to maintain the dog kennel. If you want to have house resources available, you can put the dog kennel and run adjacent to the house with a dog door.

Materials For Dog Kennel

Let’s face it: You could build the kennel out of wood, chain link or masonry if you really wanted to. The point here is to build something strong and secure that also gives her the ability to get into a shelter when the weather is bad. Chain link for the outer perimeter is usually the most common material used because it’s affordable.

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Start by thinking about how big a kennel you want to build. This will help in your search for materials and even some prefab kits. A concrete pad is a must especially for a dog who likes to dig. And when you place chain link around the area to secure the kennel, make sure that this fencing sits on the concrete pad in from the edge about a foot.

Just remember that concrete can crack with swings in temperature so there may be some maintenance needed.

How Big is Your Dog?

This is just common sense: If you have a large breed, you’ll want to make sure to give her plenty of room to roam around. If your dog is small to medium sized, the kennel can be smaller.

Do Housing Considerations

Having an enclosure that your dog can use if the weather turns while you’re away from home is smart. This can be as small as an igloo dog house or something on a much grander scale.

If your pooch loves to burrow down in blankets, place some in the dog house for her comfort.

Water For Your Dog

Some dog owners place a large bucket of water in the enclosure to make sure they stay hydrated. If you build a run next to the house, this will be easier to deal with.

An outdoor dog kennel is a perfect solution for families on the go and will keep your buddy safe and happy.

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