Cats Who Are Super, SUPER Cozy Right Now

There are few creatures in this world who know the importance of comfort and rest like cats do. In fact, cats can sleep anywhere from 16 to 20 hours a day — even more if you’re dealing with a kitten! And sure, for that reason you’re happy to provide your cat with an awesome bed that you probably spent a ton of money on, but remember, you’re dealing with a cat, who is very smart. Any feline knows that the human bed is the number one place to get cozy. Pillows, sheets, blankets for days — yep, a kitten who is laying in your bed, is a kitten who is very happy.  In honor of cats and their love for sleep, we’ve rounded up 26 cats in bed who look so amazingly adorable (and comfy!). Enjoy!

cats in bed

Flickr photo by Barb



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