The Cutest Halloween Costumes For Your Kitten

Halloween is a special time of year. Everyone wants to get involved in the fun of dressing up — even your kitten. That’s why when we saw this adorable video from The Pet Collective about 16 Halloween costume ideas for your cat, well we just could help but share it with the world.

Whether your kitten wants to be a superhero or a princess, the folks at The Pet Collective have a little something for everyone. We particularly love the Alex from Orange is the new Black idea, as long as you can keep little kitten glasses on your cat.  If not, we also really love Wall-E, Elsa from Frozen and Mr. Grey from 50 Shades of Grey. Of course, nothing beats a classic costume like Buzz or Woody from Toy Story.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an how-to for these kitty costumes, however, it looks like many of them are made with felt, paper and other craft materials you probably have hanging around the house. But if you need a step-by-step tutorial, there are a ton of websites with great ideas. Take for example,, where there is a list of super easy DIY Halloween costumes for you pet! Of course, if you aren’t feeling particularly crafty this Halloween season, you can always buy a costume for your cat. We’re extremely fond of PetCo’s Star Wars Ewok costume, that’s available online for just $15.99!

Whatever you decide to do this year for Halloween, don’t forget to let your pet in on the fun — just make sure the costume is safe and comfortable! Watch the Pet Collective video below!

Which Halloween costume for your kitten is the best?


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