Putting Together An Emergency Kit For Your Pet

First aid is something we have on hand as a matter of course. It’s a good idea to also have a pet emergency kit. Here are our recommendations for stocking this important kit.


Pick up an easy-to-carry container that all of your pet-specific supplies can fit into. This doesn’t have to be huge – in fact, you could use one that’s the size of a large lunch box.


Make sure to have all important numbers in a small spiral notebook like your vet’s numbers (office and cell) as well as the number of the nearest emergency clinic and the ASPCA poison control hotline which is 1-800-426-4435.

Non First-Aid Items

Make copies of things like vaccination records as well as a current picture should your pet get lost. Keep all of these items in a baggie to keep them dry.

A leash and soft muzzle are important to have as well as a backup collar for dogs and a pillowcase for a cat to help transport her if she’s feeling a bit manic. Have a back-up set of ID tags with you in case his collar is gone. This helps with proof of ownership if you need it. Vet wrap works if you need to apply gauze and keep it there.

First-Aid Things

Stock these things in your kit:

  • Neosporin or a comparable disinfecting ointment is always good to have for both of you.
  • Benadryl will help your dog with any allergic reactions she might have.
  • Gauze pads, cotton balls and hydrogen peroxide will help clean any minor cuts or scrapes.
  • Tweezers or forceps to remove ticks or stingers.
  • Pet thermometer and Vaseline for lubrication.
  • Water to help keep her hydrated.
  • Milk of magnesia helps absorb poison while you get her to a vet.

Many of the above items are common sense things but when you’re panicking over an emergency, it’s easier to reach for a kit than try to recall everything you may need. This is especially important if you’re traveling and have a sudden emergency.

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