Dog Trying To Grab A Tater Tot Will Crack You Up

There are few foods greater than a Tater Tot, and apparently we aren’t the only ones who know this.

In the video below, a dog named Argus is desperately trying to grab a Tater Tot that has been left on the island in his kitchen. Unfortunately, the treat is a bit too far out of reach for the pup, but that clearly doesn’t stop him from trying. In the description for the video, Argus’ parent wrote “the sounds you hear are him trying to move a barstool & then reaching & licking a pan.”

Talk about ambition.

This short but very funny dog video will make you a) laugh and b) feel less alone in the world, because after all, we’ve all been there. So enjoy the video below, and don’t worry, Argus eventually gets the Tater Tot, but not on his own.

What do you think of this funny dog video?


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