BUT REALLY: Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Dogs and grass go together like peanut butter and jelly. So much so, dogs eat grass all the time…. but why? To find out the answer to these questions, we need to look to the past.

Their Ancestors

Dogs are not carnivores and but they’re not omnivores either. Today’s modern dog is a juvenile wolf and those scavengers love to devour anything as long as it fulfilled their requirements.In fact, your dog’s ancestors used to eat their prey whole which included the contents of any plant-eating animals. Pleasant, huh?

What is it About Grass?

Because dogs love plants and even eat fruits and vegetables, they find grass as the most convenient way to get their fix. So, what causes your dog to throw up after eating grass? It’s because the grass blades can tickle her throat or even her stomach lining and this causes her to throw up. Throwing up after eating grass is also a side effect of gulping the grass blades rather than chewing them.

Is it Dangerous?

Not all. In fact, the expert vets at petmd.com say that grass contains essential nutrients that your dog might crave. If you see that your favorite canine buddy seems to be eating more grass or even house plants, try introducing more vegetables into their diet. Dogs love cooked carrots, beans, strawberries and banana. Apples? Not so much. Oh, and no raw veggies either. Dogs usually just don’t care for them. If that doesn’t work and still see an increase in grass eating, this could indicate a more serious underlying condition and it’s important that you get to your vet right away.


A great alternative to your dog eating grass in your yard – which could be loaded with pesticides and chemicals – is to plant a tray of grass for him or even start an herbal garden that he can munch on.

Photo Credit:  istockphoto.com

Have you seen your dogs eat grass?


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