Kimpton Hotels: Travel In Style With Your Pet

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If traveling with your dog is something you love to do, we’ve got you covered. Yes, you can try to sneak your favorite furry friend into a hotel, but there’s a better way for both of you.

The Kimpton Hotel chain invites any pet, large or small, to stay with you at no extra charge. This is wonderful because a lot of chains have either a weight, size or number limit to pets staying in their establishments.


When you check into a Kimpton Hotel, you are often met by the Director of Pet Relations. The Director has quite a following but has been known to lay down on the job. Yes, every Director of Pet Relations at Kimpton is a dog.

The Director program began in 2000 when Lily, a Jack Russell terrier, accompanied her mom to work at a Denver Kimpton Hotel. Lily would greet guests and became an invaluable member of the team. Shortly after that, Kimpton Hotels realized what an asset it would be to have Directors of Pet Relations in their chain.


After checking into the hotel, you’re given a list of nearby attractions that are pet friendly like restaurants and parks. And if your dog is participating in a special event, the concierge can suggest a good groomer to help her look her best.


Inside your room, you will find everything your dog needs to have a great stay: Food and water bowls, a soft bed and some toys.

Just as we do, our pets appreciate the courtesy of other guests being quiet. Special door hangers let your neighbors and staff know that you have your dog with you in the room.

Paw Sitting

What if you want to go out for a night on the town? No problem! Kimpton has an option that lets you hire a sitter for your dog. This is especially helpful if you have a breed that tends to have separation anxiety.



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The next time you have travel plans, see if there is a Kimpton Hotel near your destination and take your pooch for a trip she won’t forget!


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