Get Ready for a Cute Cat Coma! (Courtesy of VICE)

Technically, this video from the fine hipsters of VICE is supposed to be a look at Cat Yoga. There’s also supposed to be some content that addresses why people are so entranced by cute cat videos online. That kind of gets addressed in this fascinating video–but, seriously, this whole thing really seems like an excuse for the VICE videographers to compile together a lot of great viral videos on kitties. That’s a good idea for a project. Especially from the VICE squad, who usually seem more eager to mock people.

The two people featured here aren’t too mockable. Amy Kellner seems like a genuinely good gal who has her act together enough to go from VICE to being a photo editor for The New York Times Magazine. She’s just a hip young woman who isn’t afraid to admit to adoring cute things. That’s how she came to create the “Cute Show” feature for VICE. It’s nice to hear her talk. We’re slightly more concerned about Jeffrey Boussolini. His work with the Center for Feline Studies makes him seem more like a guy who gave a big institutional name to his crappy New York City apartment. We’re not too impressed by his cat yoga, either. Or his scientific observations, which are written down in a notebook that makes us think of the art direction for Kevin Spacey’s apartment in Se7en.

But who are we to judge? If you start to get creeped out, then just turn off the audio and enjoy all the supercute cat videos. The folks at VICE really cram in a lot of great cat moments. Well, we never like the one where the child hits the cat and then gets attacked. That one’s kind of mean-spirited. You can’t say that about this VICE video. It’s just people talking about cats. No important content, so sorry about that–but we’re not sure how we would’ve felt writing about Cat Yoga, anyway. Besides, who can keep up with a cat in yoga?

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