10 Vitamins & Minerals Your Cat Needs

Cats are treasures that must be given proper care and nutrition. Cats, just like any other animal, need a proper balance of vitamins and minerals. What cat vitamins should you be giving your feline? What minerals do they need for proper growth and development? And what is the simplest and safest way to get a kitty on a proper diet and nutrition plan? Let’s see!

cat vitamins


  • Vitamin A – this vitamin can help support healthy vision in your cat. It also works to fortify and build a healthy immune system and has been shown to stimulate cell growth.
  • Vitamin B, B6, & B12 – this vitamin is crucial in turning food into energy. Cats are known as “lazy” animals, but a healthy amount of Vitamin B in their diet will give your cat added energy. Vitamin B also promotes the generation of red blood cells among other things!
  • Vitamin D – it promotes healthy bone growth because it works to regulate the absorption of calcium and phosphorus (minerals). You could call Vitamin D the mineral traffic cop – working for the good of kittens around the globe!
  • Vitamin E – works to build a healthy immune system in cats. Cats, just like humans, have free radicals which cause damage to cells within their body and Vitamin E helps to fight off the harmful effects of free radicals.
  • Vitamin K – is essential to the clotting of blood in a feline and it helps to quickly stop the bleeding of an injury a cat may have.


  • Calcium – strong bones, strong bones, strong bones! Cats need strong bones to leap and bound with so make sure calcium is a regular part of their diet.
  • Copper – this mineral is generally found in seafood and grain products and has many beneficial health rewards for cats. It helps to fight anemia in cats (which causes lack of drive, activity and loss of appetite in rare cases) and it also helps to improve the healing of wounds.
  • Magnesium – is a heart helper! It keeps the heartbeat regular, it regulates blood pressure, and it has been shown to affect the quality and density of the bones! This is a special mineral!
  • Potassium – much like Magnesium this mineral helps keep a regular heart beat in your favorite feline! It also promotes healthy cholesterol in cats. Don’t skip this much-needed mineral.
  • Zinc – this mineral is the probiotic for cats. It helps build strong immune systems and wards off viruses and harmful bacteria.

There you go! Five vitamins and minerals that can help your cat stay fit and healthy. Generally, if you hydrate your feline well and give them dry (or wet) food approved by the FDA then your cat will remain healthy and happy! Remember, though the information above is a helpful guide, always consult your veterinarian before making major changes to your cat’s diet.

Do you give your kitty any cat vitamins and minerals?



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