This Raccoon Loves Sleeping More Than You

It’s extremely hard to get yourself out of bed in morning, especially now that the weather is getting colder. But if you thought you loved sleeping more than anyone, you haven’t met this sleeping raccoon named Buster.

Buster’s parents try for a very, very long time to try to get Buster out of bed, but clearly he wasn’t having it. According to the description of the video, Buster the Raccoon, aka Butter Brownie, had to bribe him with treats to wake up. This is just the cutest, cuddly video we’ve ever seen.

And in case you’re wondering, it is legal to keep a raccoon as a pet in quite a few states across America. Now that the logistics are taken care of, you have to watch this adorable video below!

Are you as tired as Buster the Raccoon?


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