The Truth About Bully Breeds

Bull Terrier by Robert TadlockMany people have a particular affinity for the Bull Terrier because of past experiences in owning these dogs.  Such pet owners attest to the fact that they are the “clowns” of the dog world, with an oval head that only contributes to this superlative. They are very high energy and great with kids. However, they are not aware of their size. Usually stocky and strong, the bully can easily cause damage in the house, or accidentally knock down a small child. The Bull Terrier does better in a crate when not attended to because of its ravenous appetite.

Bully Breeds do Make Great Pets

Overall, bully breeds test very well on temperament testing, conducted by the American Temperament Testing Society (ATTS). Bullies tend to get a bad rap, mostly based on their looks, which are generally imposing. They are strong, fierce protectors, but great family dogs. That said, take special care if rescuing a bully, or any dog. They will take care to train, and sometimes little ones in the house can pose a risk with any rescued dog that must be retrained. Give your new pet appropriate training, get it properly socialized and provide all necessary love and care and you will be amazed at the reciprocation by your new bully breed.

Reference: The Calmest Dog Breeds



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