The Top 10 Best Dog Shampoos For Your Pooch!

Best Dog Shampoos
Best Dog Shampoos

We love our canine kids, but sometimes, they don’t smell very good.  It’s interesting that some dogs smell worse than others, but with their propensity to get into smelly things outside like poop and mud– they all need a bath from time to time.  Many breeds require very little bathing naturally, barring the aforementioned dancing with stinky stuff, but all will require the occasional bath. You want the best for him in shampoo as with anything else, and you don’t want to waste money trying ones that just don’t do the job.  Here are the top 10 best dog shampoos.

Specialty Dog Shampoos for Specific Needs

  1. Vet’s Best Hot Spot Shampoo – This flea shampoo is alcohol-free and gentle on your dog’s hot spots. Helps return skin to normal, eliminating hot spots to rid your dog of those horrible, itchy, sensitive skin patches.
  2. Shed Patrol – Help stop shedding by improving the health of your dog’s skin with oat protein and vitamins. Used regularly, it controls dander and loose hairs, and has a mandarin orange smell.
  3. Miracle Coat Spray-On Waterless Dog Shampoo – Some dogs hate bath time, which makes a stressful, sometimes messy situation for both of you. Made with all-natural ingredients, Miracle Coat comes in a noiseless sprayer.  You simply wet the coat, massage the shampoo in, then towel off and brush.
  4. GNC Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Fungal Shampoo – This product relieves itchy skin resulting from bacterial skin infections. It soothes irritated skin and deodorizes for a fresh smelling pet.

Gentle, Glamorous, & Suds-Free Do Shampoo

  1. Vets Bests Allergy Itch Relief Shampoo – For those who like to go organic, try this natural, gentle shampoo that is designed to moisturize the skin. Oatmeal has long been used to soothe itchy, irritated skin for people; now your dog can enjoy the benefits also.  It cleans without drying the skin, good for all ages, and leaves the coat shiny and soft.
  2. Kenic Retro Pink Pup Pet Shampoo – Pink Pup is soap and detergent free so it will not strip the natural oils from your dog’s coat, yet it is a gentle, effective cleaner. It can also be used on hot spots.
  3. Pet Head Dirty Talk Deodorizing Dog Shampoo – Just like Bed Head for pet moms, this is a luxury pet shampoo that cleans and deodorizes the coat, leaving it fluffy and full, ready to be stroked. Baking soda is the secret to the deodorizing power.  It is free of sulfates and petroleum derivatives.
  4. Cloud Star Buddy Wash – This is a two-in-one shampoo and conditioner, which makes for easier brushing. This is especially good if your dog is a long haired breed like a collie or Irish Setter.  It comes in several scents to keep your fur baby looking and smelling good.
  5. John Paul Pet Cleanse Super Bright Shampoo – Go salon puppy with Paul Mitchell’s line of dog shampoos. The Super Bright is made for light colored coats, but can be used on dogs with darker coats also.  It is made with oats, chamomile, and sweet almond oil to keep your dog comfortable, itch-free, and smelling good.

Best Overall Dog Shampoo

  1. Top Paw Fresh Breeze Oatmeal Baking Soda Shampoo – This shampoo is a favorite with pet parents. It contains oatmeal and baking soda to help eliminate odors, relieve itching, and it leaves a fresh scent and shiny coat behind.

If you have to bathe, might as well use the best products for your dog’s needs and your nose’s needs to get them clean, comfortable, and smelling like a rose.

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What type of dog shampoo do you use?


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