Abused Pit Bull Just Wants To Give Kisses

If we had a dollar for every time we heard that pit bulls are dangerous and aggressive, well, we would be rich! Pit bulls, like any other breed, will become aggressive if they are raised to be — and you want to know what? Sometimes, even when they are raised to be like that, the abuse they go through doesn’t affect their sweet nature.

abused pit bull able

Just take a look at Able, a pit bull who was found as a stray by Beauties and Beasts shelter in Kansas. Due to the extreme nature of his injuries, including decaying flesh, infections, gangrene and puncture wounds, rescuers can tell Able was used as a bait dog to train a fighting dog.  “We went and met him and knew that he was going to need immediate treatment,” Amy Heggestad, the rescue’s founder, told The Dodo. “He smelled of infection and decaying flesh.”

But once Able was in the arms of good people, Able “was trying to get on my lap and give me kisses,” Heggestad said. Again, proof that pit bulls are loving animals with a bad reputation!

Currently, Heggestad and her team are working on healing Able’s wounds, and therefore he is not available for adoption just yet. However, if you would love to help Able, please visit his fundraiser page. Also, be sure to visit his Facebook page to stay up-to-date on his condition.

Remember, all dogs deserve a good life, even pit bulls! For more on pit bulls, click the links below!

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  1. omg that poor guy! dog fighters should get 10 year min. sentences, and never come near me for life. my friends red nose, Tippy, disappeared out of his yard one day. he called me panicked because he was a much older man (late 80s) so he couldn’t go looking around. i couldn’t find Tippy and started to worry what might happen to her. a few months later he called back, Tippy was at the shelter. they said the ‘owner’ dropped her off because he kept tripping over her. they realized she had a chip and called my friend, she was in good shape but had lost some weight. we were so happy to see her, and thank god whoever stole her just wanted a pet and not something else. Tippy and my friend both died on the same day, two hours apart, but they had a great life together.


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