Pet Facts To Keep You Entertained At Work

There’s no question about it, even though they’re not human, pets are family. Though our little beloved creatures are animals, they’re huge parts of our lives and responsible for a significant level of happiness in our lives.

Listen to these incredibly interesting, pet facts and you’ll find out a little more about your furry friends!

Everyone Has Them:

Over 100 million people in the United States claim to have a dog or a cat. 100 million doesn’t even factor in other types of pets! 

They’re Expensive:

In the United States, pet owners spend about $35 billion on their little furry friends each year. That’s a lot of money and proves that we are serious about keeping our little pets happy and healthy. 

They Keep Us Healthy

Research has shown that pets keep us more active, less stressed, and in general help us to live longer.

They Keep Us Happy

Almost 100% of pet owners claim that their pet makes them smile multiple times a day. We’d be smiling a lot less often without our furry friends, that’s for sure!

They Give Us Someone to Talk To

9 out of 10 people who own cats will carry on conversations with them. There’s something about a cat’s intuitive stares that just keep us coming back for more conversation, and make people feel genuinely heard. 

They Want Our Attention Only

Dogs naturally seek the attention of their owners, specifically their alpha. Cats, on the other hand, seek their owners attention at will, which can seem rare. But actually… ever heard a cat meow? Cats rarely meow for anything other than seeking the attention of their owner, even if it seems to be directed at something else. 

They Can Do Amazing Things

Sure, they can fetch, sit, roll over, etcetera, but they can also do whatever we want them to do, like be astronauts. In 1957, a dog in Russia became the first dog to go into outer space! 

They Retain Information

Cats specifically have excellent memories. Studies show that a dog’s memory will last no longer than 5 minutes, but a cat’s memory lasts up to 16 hours, which is pretty impressive…

They’re Useful

Did you know in the 1800’s, cats were actually hired as mail carriers? These days, you may not get your cat to  bring your mail to you, but you can train your dog to fetch the paper. 

They Protect Us

When you take an animal in, and love and nurture it, it becomes your pet. It, in return, becomes a guardian of sorts. Cats and dogs alike have a natural instinct that allows them to warn and protect when danger is near.

It’s so easy to see why pets are so important to us. With just a little love and care, we have loyal furry family members for life.

Do you know of any fun pet facts?


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