Be aware of Senior Dog Dental Care Issues

Importance of dog dental care

Man’s best friend, as he ages, can require a hefty amount of attention in the way of vet visits, medicines, and procedures. We all know it’s well worth it, though, to keep your pet healthy and happy for as long as possible. Dog’s mouths are a prime source of medical issues, so it’s important to understand the proper way to care for your senior dog‘s teeth as he ages.

Senior Dog Dental Care and Gingivitis

Gingivitis can be painful for the senior dogs and can cause problems for them eating including dog bad breath. The good news is that often gingivitis can be slowed with some proactive care so that when your dog is an elderly one, it’s not a huge issue. Pay close attention to his mouth over the years as he ages. If you ever notice consistently foul breath, swollen gums, or broken or discolored teeth, have a vet take a look to determine what could be going on. If it’s gingivitis setting in, you’ll be able to take extra care to address this early on to prevent it from ever becoming a huge problem. Brushing regularly with a vet-recommended toothpaste will help and is a great cheap source of preventative care.

Other Dental Diseases Affecting Senior Dogs

Canine Dental Disease and poor dental health is linked to adverse effects on the heart, liver, and kidneys, so it’s imperative to address any symptoms in elderly dogs as soon as they occur. Look out for bad breath, reluctance in eating dense foods, and swollen gums – many of the same symptoms as the less severe disease already mentioned, gingivitis. A vet will diagnose any serious problem, but do your best to avoid this diagnosis by providing your dog with regular teeth brushing sessions, regular cleaning visits at the vet, and chew toys that will massage their gums and clean teeth on contact. Dog’s teeth should be professionally cleaned at least twice a year. In these cleanings, dogs should be sedated so the veterinarian may get a thorough examination of each tooth and x-ray’s if need be.

Taking some proactive steps to make sure your dog has healthy teeth growing up will ensure that as they become seniors, their teeth aren’t problems for them, and their dental care won’t break your bank.

Reference: What To Know About Dog Dental Health 



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