5 Real Reasons Your Dog’s Nose Is Dry

There’s a thought that just because your dog’s nose is dry, it means he or she is sick. And while this is absolutely a possibility, a dry nose could mean many other things. We rounded up five other reasons why your dog’s nose is dry.


If the radiator is pumping heat throughout your house and even you’re feeling a little stuffy, your dog might be experiencing that as well, which is why his nose is dry. Just keep an eye out for this, and make sure that your pup’s snout goes back to normal.


Again, just like with humans, allergies can cause a change in your dog’s nose. Definitely speak with your veterinarian before giving your puppy any medication.


This is definitely the most serious of the reasons. Dehydration could indicate kidney failure, so it’s important to always keep a fresh bowl of clean water in your house for your dog. It’s also important to tell your vet if your pup is experiencing other symptoms of dehydration.

Sleepy pup:

Don’t be alarmed if when your dog wakes up, his nose is dry. That’s completely normal as your dog stops licking his nose when he is sleeping!


Plastic bowls can dry out your dog’s nose when he is eating. It’s recommended that pet owners use stainless bowls to avoid this issue.

As with everything, no one knows your pup better than you do, so if you’re concerned about your dog’s dry nose, definitely call your veterinarian to check-in and make sure he is okay. But it important never to get alarmed as he could be perfectly find, just a little sleepy…

Do you freak out when your dog’s nose is dry?


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