More Than 1,000 Rhinos Killed In 2014

The cruel act of killing rhinos continues in Africa as Reuters reports that a record number of rhinos were killed in 2014.

According to the article, roughly 1,200 rhinos in South Africa were killed due to poaching by hunters looking to sell the horns. Legal permit is given to hunt big game, such as rhino and elephants, in South Africa, but these numbers are regarding the illegal killings, without permit and for trading. A rhino horn is supposedly very desirable in Vietnam and China, and reportedly can cost $65,000 a kilogram.

Another concern is for the elephants across Africa, which are facing a similar fate to the rhinos. “Conservationists say the number of the animals being slain for ivory — valued for decorative purposes in China — is likely exceeding the number being born,” states Reuters.

Elephants and rhinos are also hunted for their meat.

There are efforts in place to stop poaching, including the dehorning of rhinos in Namibia. However, poachers still attack these animals because of the “stub of horn” that is left after the dehorning procedure. Yes, poachers will go as far as kill one of these animals for a stub.

If you’re looking to help put an end to poaching, please visit the World Wildlife Organization and the International Rhino Foundation.

How will you help put an end to rhino poaching?


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