Puppy Thrown Into A Canal Becomes A ‘Miracle’

Prepare to see proof that miracles come in the form of puppies.

Hope for Paws released a video of a puppy named Jordan, who was “brutalized” and thrown 30 feet into a canal in Los Angeles. When rescue workers found Jordan, he had mange, bacterial infections and malnutrition, He also lost a leg.

In the video, you see Jordan extremely thin and weak, and he is described to be in a lot of pain and discomfort. “He’s in so much pain,” Hope for Paws founder Eldad Hager says in the video. “Oh God, someone literally cut off his foot.” When Hager brought him to the hospital, veterinarians said it was a miracle Jordan was alive.

After a few days, Jordan was strong enough for surgery, and after recovering, he found a spot in an incredible foster home. With a little physical therapy and a lot of love, Jordan can now run with the best of them, and is waiting to find his forever home.

Head over to Hope for Paws to donate to the rescue organization.

What do you think of Hope for Paws’ incredible rescue?

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  1. OMG I couldn’t stop BAWLING!!!! I saw the original video & it hurt my heart so bad to know that somebody could do that to an innocent animal. I’m so glad they had a follow up video to see the huge difference care & love does for the poor pup. Looks like a completely different pooch and he is SO SWEET!! So glad to see Jordan’s made a remarkable recovery & I’d bring him home in a second if I could.


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