6 Ways To Give Back To Your Local Shelter Without Writing A Check

Have you often thought of how you can help animal shelters without writing a check regularly? We’ve also have also been in that position and we wanted to share our ideas in this blog post for ways that you can help out.

Board of Directors

Most volunteer animal shelters have a board of directors who oversees the operation. If you have time, and especially if you have some specific skills, sitting on a board of directors would be really helpful for the shelter. We know of one shelter who has a director that makes her living as a writer. She has written fundraising pieces for them as well as articles in the local paper.


Shelters are always in need of quality pet food. Check to see the kinds of animals that live at your local shelter. Go to the grocery store and buy several large bags of dog and cat food as well as canned food to help feed animals who reside there.


Do you have a spare hour during the week? If you do, head over to your local shelter and see if they need dog walkers. This gives the residents an opportunity to get out of the structure – including outdoor runs – and get a walk with a human. If the shelter has a local dog park you can also take dogs into the park and play with them. This type of socialization is so important for shelter dogs who have been left on their own.

Cat Mats

If you like to crochet or knit, spend a little time creating a cat mat. It doesn’t have to be large but having something soft to lay on or sit on that isn’t just the used blanket will make a cat feel happy and secure.


If you have some old blankets laying around the house that you were going to donate to Goodwill, think about giving them to your local shelter for dogs to curl up on.


Dogs and cats love toys. The next time you’re riding around your neighborhood and find a flea market or garage sale, stop by and see if you can pick up some stuffed toys for cats and dogs. Be careful to not choose something that has detachable eyes or anything that can be choked on.

You can help animal shelters without writing a check by donating your time and love! Click the links below to learn more about animal shelters!

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Image Credit:  istockphoto.com


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