Ferret Lovers Learn Four Interesting Ferret Facts

Ferrets are cute, cuddly, playful, and loving pets. Anyone who has owned one has loved it. Children and adults both enjoy watching their antics. Ferret Day each year is just a day dedicated to the celebration of the ferret, but it is important that you know four interesting ferret facts.

1. Ferrets are Illegal in California

The first of four interesting ferret facts every ferret lover should know is that these little, energetic animals are illegal in California. Around 1994 someone in California decided that ferrets were dangerous and managed to pass a law that bans ferrets as pets throughout the state. The California Fish and Game Commission stands by their ruling saying if they were to escape into the wild, they would cause a havoc that California has never before seen. Additionally, they believe that ferrets will run rampant, terrorizing both children and wildlife spreading disease and attacking infants. Their basis for this reasoning is because there is no a rabies vaccine that works in ferrets.

Obviously, anyone who is familiar with domesticated ferrets knows that the likelihood of feral ferrets taking over the state of California is slim. Ferrets sold in pet stores are completely domesticated and most often spayed or neutered. They cannot reproduce and are so tame that they probably would not even survive for very long without the care of humans. And contrary to popular belief, these animals are cute and cuddly, not aggressive or smelly.

2. Ferrets Play Dead

Another one of the four interesting ferret facts every ferret lover should know is that the pet can seem to play dead. Ferrets sleep so soundly that owners have thought that their pet had passed. You can poke, prod, and yell at a sleeping ferret and they may not wake up. It is just their nature to sleep so soundly that they do not wake until they are well-rested.

3. Ferrets are Hoarders

No, the ferret doesn’t need psychological intervention for their hoarding habits, and they are not just messing with you by hiding household items. These little creatures are just natural hoarders. They are the descendants of critters that had to protect their prey so that no one else took it before they got a chance to eat it.

4. Ferrets are Clumsy

Of the four interesting ferret facts, every ferret lover should know is their fundamental clumsy nature. Ferrets love to run around like lunatics. They dance for joy and dance for war. Sometimes they even dance themselves right into the wall. Again, this isn’t a sign of brain damage or psychological issues. They are slightly uncoordinated, and their vision is not the best, so occasionally, they will run into things.



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