Baylor Football Player Beats Dog – But His Punishment is….?

baylor football player beats dog
Football near the Fifty yard line

Video Of Football Player Beating His Dog Surfaces

In late June, a video surfaced of Baylor’s wide receiver, Ishmael Zamora, viscously beating his dog. Throughout the video the dog screams, while Ishmael repeatedly whips the dog with a belt and then kicks him.  All because, he reportedly said the dog had a potty accident and that he was not trying to harm him – only discipline him. It was hard for me to witness the video but there is no doubt it was abuse.  He also claims to have been working with a dog trainer on potty training techniques. But it’s unclear if that training happened before or after the incident.  Regardless, any reputable dog trainer would have told him that beating, hitting or kicking a dog after a potty accident would only make matters worse.

Ishmael’s Punishment

So while he is being charge with a misdemeanor, which comes along with a $500 fine, it’s unknown as to how or if Baylor University will respond. Ishmael is still practicing with the team and no word on whether or not he will play in next week’s opening game.Which leads one to ask. Why is Ishmael being allowed to practice and why hasn’t Baylor issued a statement on his punishment?

 Add Your Name To The Petition

Animal rights groups are now petitioning the school.  They are demanding that Ishmael be punished and ultimately kicked off the team.  For anyone who thinks this punishment is too harsh, lets compare it to Ryan Locthe.  The Olympian swimming star “over-exaggerated” the truth earlier this month in Rio.  Ryan’s lie cost him $1 million dollars in endorsement money as he was dropped by several sponsors.  Yes he lied and integrity is important but he didn’t commit animal abuse!

If you would like to add your name to the petition, click on the following link that will direct you to the Care2 Petitions website.

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