The Absolute Best Pet Halloween Costumes

Halloween is tomorrow!

We’re sure  you’re running around looking for the perfect last-minute costume for yourself, but if you’re a pet parent like us, you definitely planned waaaaay in advance for your furry friend. But if you haven’t quite decided on which pet Halloween costumes you’re going to go with, then our roundup below might help you out. We found the absolute best pet Halloween costumes from Instagram to give you some inspiration. We’re talking cats dressed as peacocks and dogs dressed like witches! Regardless if you’ve picked up a costume for your pet or not, you’re definitely going to enjoy the photos below. So scroll through, enjoy and Happy Halloween from all of us at Four Legged Guru! Be sure to check out our Halloween safety tips for pets, too!

A photo posted by Jax (@jaxattacks_bengalcat) on

A dragon kitty!

Our hearts just melted!

Okay, she doesn’t look like she LOVES this, but she sure is cute.

A dalmatian cow? Yes!

A photo posted by Lauren Heuer (@lheuer2007) on

We’re definitely not scared of this Lion!

A photo posted by NEO EL KAPO (@neoelkapo) on

Okay, we’re officially in love.


This one had us laughing for a long time.

A photo posted by Samantha (@slhoffman89) on

The Tin Man and Cowardly Lion!

Simple but adorable!

Which of these amazing pet Halloween costumes is your favorite?



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